How it works

Tiffin Works is a platform to connect busy individuals who value home-cooked, fresh and reasonably priced meals with personal chefs. We’re currently piloting in the Eastside and Seattle metro areas.


How does it work?

Every Monday you should receive an email with the coming week’s menu items. Place an order by 9am Thursday, and we deliver your order the following Sunday early evening by 8pm to your home. Depending on the chef, either you will receive eco-friendly, disposable containers or reusable plastic containers. Empties are picked up when the next meals are delivered.


What time is delivery, and do I have to be home for delivery?

4pm – 8pm – more specific times can be given upon request after the ordering deadline.  Those delivering are often the same chefs that made your food.  No tip is expected.  If no one will be home to receive delivery, just leave out a cooler with ice packs large enough to hold all your food.


How are the meals delivered, fresh or frozen?

Both. Depending on the chef, a small selection of meals may arrive frozen, and will be listed as such.  All others are fresh. I recommend eating the fresh ones first, and eating the frozen ones at your leisure.


How big are the meals?

  • Dinners usually come in 2 sizes, Large and Small. Large sized meals are portioned for a hungry adult man. For families with 2 adults, 2 Large meals are usually enough for an additional toddler. The Small is 75% the size of the Large.
  • For Indian meals, my rule of thumb is that a combo meal (a combo of 2 containers of 16oz and either rotis or rice) are typically enough for 2 adults and 2 kids.


What kind of packaging is used?

We use sturdy plastic, re-usable containers. They are machine washable, microwaveable, and freezable. The empties and delivery bag are picked up with your next delivery. We like the environment, and are trying to contribute as little garbage as possible. So please return your containers and bags for re-use.

With some chefs, we’re piloting use of fully compostable, eco-friendly containers. So please do your bit and compost them.


What is the “No Brainer” plan?

A set of meals based on your personal preferences are delivered to you every week, without the need for you ordering. You need only let us know if you DON’T want a delivery. Please email us to set up these “easy” meals.


Can allergies be dealt with?

The tricky answer is “it depends” on the individual requests. If you have food allergies, please read the ingredients listed for each meal before ordering. Please note that meals are prepared in commercial kitchens which contains allergens like nuts, wheat, dairy, etc.


What about special diets?

Some chefs are happy to make substitutions for special diet needs. Others prepare meals in relatively large quantities so customizing meals and orders is not an option. Many of the chefs on our platform offer low-carb, wheat-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options.


Where is the fish and chicken coming from?

All fish is wild, and all chicken is from Washington.


What does delivery cost?

Delivery is $5 to the Eastside Kirkland/Redmond/Bellevue area, and $10 everywhere else. FREE delivery for a day’s order over $75. We deliver Wednesdays and Sundays, so order at least $75 for one day and get that delivery for free.

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There really isn’t any catch. We started this venture as a way to capture the growing demand of home-cooked fresh meals and the latent supply of home chefs eager to be their own boss and share their delicious wares. We’re currently in the pilot phase, and any feedback is appreciated. Contact us as [email protected].




As a working mom with a demanding job and two daughters, Uma’s Sundays usually involved prepping for the week ahead. The logistics of pick up, coordination and drop-off of home-chefs were daunting. As a former product manager at and an early adopter of the on-demand bandwagon, Uma decided it was time to create a one-stop shop where families could order delicious meals from personal chefs, and small scale chefs could easily update their menus on the Tiffin Works platform and sell their delicious food.


Cele Wolman is a professional chef. She graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle Culinary School in 2001. She then spent 2 years at Andaluca as a banquet and pantry chef under her mentor Chef Wayne Johnson. She has been a personal chef catering special events at homes, as well as weekly meal plans for special diet needs clients. Cele and Uma were introduced serendipitously and Tiffin Works, already in development by then, sprouted a new life.